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With over 30 years of experience in the drainage and excavation business in Iowa and Minnesota, Precision Drainage and Excavating has been involved in many installations of Large Diameter Mains and dirt, sewer and water main work. Using the latest technology and the best equipment available, we install 4" to 18" Branch and Main Tile using GPS control. We design a main and pattern tile system that best fits the special needs of your farm and provides you the best plan to meet today's standard of excellence in the industry.

Pattern Tiled Farms

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Our main goal is to give the farmer the best products, service and price. We install Branch and Main tile with a Wolfe plow, using the GPS (AGPS) System which eliminates LASER completely, and up to 42" drainage line with our excavators. We are one of the few companies that uses GPS built into the Wolfe "Single Link" Plow. We bring the best technology and experience to the table. We look forward to working with you in the future.



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Brand New 2014 Super Wolfe 600 Plow
Super Wolfe 600 Plow

With a new cab design, fine tuned hydraulics, and more power, this plow is the most innovative, high tech plow in the industry. Its accuracy and performance are set at its highest standard for long term performance. Don't miss out. Look for Precision Drainage and Excavating Inc.

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