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Bill Manske, Sr.My father, Bill Manske, Sr., taught me the MOST important thing to do is to document all the drainage work that has been done on the farm. RECORDS are critical and add tremendous value to the project once it is completed. With the "NEW" GPS, AGPS system tile mapping becomes a breeze as everything is documented as the tile are installed. At PRECISION DRAINAGE & EXCAVATING INC., we take pride in providing all tile information on maps when the project is completed. If you lose your map, we can provide you with another one at a moment's notice at no cost to the owner. Please contact me for more information on mapping and the advantage of GPS.

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Ditch FillerOnce the tile is installed, our last duty is to backfill all the ditches. The DITCH FILLER is pulled by our 4430 John Deere Tractor and puts the dirt back in a perfect TEEPEE with all the dirt centered over the pipe. WHY is this so important? All the dirt that comes out must go back to the same location. This absolutely ensures that there will be NO low spots in any of the trenches for years to come. Backfilled ditches ending up slightly higher ensures they will be level for that season when planting comes around. This is very important to the final phase of installation of being neat, clean and professional.


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