Precision Drainage and Excavating, serving Iowa and Minnesota
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Bill and crew are no doubt the best drainage contractor I have ever had. I got 220 plus buschels corn, where Bill pattern tiled every 60'. And it was a very wet year.
- Bob O'Donnell, Humboldt, Iowa

The best business decision we ever made was to hire Bill. Bill Does a great job in his layout and installation. Never met anyone who works harder and is so committed to do it right.
- Tyler Binder, Mound City, Iowa

I would wait three years for Bill. They are a great crew to have tile and most important it will be done right.
- Charles Jewell, Jewell, Iowa

Bill is a very consistent and a dedicated contractor. In many of our projects it is the common sense and qualities of work that helped us manage and mitigate any problems and still complete our projects. With integrity and honesty as a key quality, Bill provides a long term solution for any of your tiling and excavating needs.
- David Mulert, Vice President, Bio-Fuels Development

Bill takes a lot of pride in doing a job right. When he works for me, I have confidence that he's got my best interest in mind, and when he's finished, he leaves everything nice and neat.
- Kent Banwart, Farmer, West Bend, Iowa

Bill is a very knowledgeable person in the drainage business. He will look at the problem and consult with you as to how you should drain the area. Bill is very fussy on the work he does.
- Doug Ostermann, Farmer, Buffalo Center, Iowa

As a supplier, working with Bill is always a pleasure. Bill is very organized and gets his orders to us in a timely manner so as a team we can work together to satisfy his customers' needs. We have done a lot of work with Precision Drainage and they are an A1 contractor.
- Jim Sweeney, Sales Representative, Cretex Midwest

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