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GPS Technology/AGPS

Precision Drainage & Excavating uses AGPS-Pipe Pro™, the only program that automatically calculates tile depth and slope then controls installation.

This powerful program takes full advantage of RTK GPS, improving efficiency by automatically designing tile profiles utilizing Vertical Curve Technology™. The user-friendly touch-screen allows users to survey, design and lay tile, by pressing a couple of buttons! Design changes can be easily made on the go.

The AGPS-Pipe Pro™ display gives real time guidance and tile depth information. The top view allows users to set and rotate a grid to reduce or eliminate flagging!

Depths of tiling
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In-Cab Computer
In-cab computer


AGPS Software uses unique AGPS-Vertical Curve Technology™ (VCT™) to design drainage solutions. Users set preferred parameters required in their drainage project and VCT™ designs a drainage solution that uses a finite number of grade breaks through the drainage path. In the case of a drain tile application, VCT™ allows pipe to be placed with acceptable drainage in unfavorable landscapes. This saves considerable time over conventional laser systems that require a point to point drainage path. VCT™ allows a drainage path to be designed without regard to axis alignment as laser systems require.

GPS Unit
GPS unit


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